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Delve into the latest issue of our newsletter journal and join us as we explore the concerns of the sheltered and unsheltered poor, as well as the insights and recommendations of social service providers seeking solutions.

Monthly themes in our newsletter journal include Affordable Housing, Causes and Common Misconceptions about the Homeless, Quality of Life Infractions, Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Disenfranchisement from Mainstream Society, Homelessness by Choice, Ten-Year Plans to End Homelesness and more.

Often, submissions to The Spare Changer are penned by long-time members of the homeless community, yet many are not. Some articles are a compendium of questionnaire responses, while others are verbatim dictations of comments expressed by the sheltered and unsheltered poor blessed with compassion, if not with polished writing skill. Still other articles and entries are submitted by administrators and volunteers of nonprofits and governmental agencies with a mandate to ease the strain of those of us living on a fixed budget or no budget at all. "There, but for the grace of God, go I" emerges as the one common thread you will see underlying their motivation to work so hard in meeting the challenges of the marginally served.

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