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Based in Davis, CA, The Spare Changer is a homeless newsletter journal aimed at bringing attention to the homeless problem in communities across the nation.

Our goal is to provide social service subscriptions and submissions from both the homeless and the sheltered with the mission of helping the homeless by providing them with a voice, with day labor employment, and ultimately with a place to call home. As a conduit between the haves and the have nots everywhere, our Non-profit Social Service Organizations and County Governments can now sponsor their own local distribution, as a social service, by offering Day Labor to your own otherwise un-employable.

Our homeless newsletter features articles written by those of all walks of life and we welcome you to submit your writings. Navigate through The Spare Changer Website to learn more about our unique publication and to do your part in helping your homeless neighbors return to the mainstream. The Spare Changer Homeless Writer Registry & Subscription Website is now national. Submit your writings for pay. Non-profit & Government Distribution Licensing Available.

Self-publishing by homeless writers helps create content for the 20-page online edition of our monthly homeless newsletter. Issues can then be distributed in your community. As a social service, your subscription provides day labor for writers as well day labor for Client Vendors of the publication itself, customizable to meet your community’s specific concerns and requirements. And since unemployment continues to be a root cause of homelessness, here at The Spare Changer Homeless Writer Registry & Subscription Website, homeless writers everywhere may now submit their articles, and viewers should subscribe and submit as well.

Editor's Note
Submissions accepted for consideration will receive $10, plus an additional $15 -$90 will be paid for submissions actually published. Government and Non-profit Social Services Organization entries are not paid, however you are strongly encouraged to submit quarterly and in some communities, monthly. Submissions should be informative, entertaining, or "from the heart." How do YOU serve the needy? Why do you do the work you do? What are the added challenges in light of continued budget cuts? How are you meeting them? What is your Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness? Are you concerned for the homeless? So are we. Do you provide social services for them that include day labor for the poor? We do and so can you. YOU can sponsor day labor opportunities for advocates who may be in-between jobs, under-employed or un-employable because of chronic homelessness, criminal histories or who may have mental or physical disabilities. YOU can guide and nurture their return to the mainstream. The Spare Changer can help in this process.

Download and Unlimited Distribution Rights to Non-profit and County Government Agencies is available for a nominal fee. Contact info@thesparechanger.net for terms and conditions. Generally fees are based on the number of homeless served.

Editor's Comment
Unemployment is a problem we here at The Spare Changer hope to alleviate in your community by offering The Spare Changer Homeless Writer Registry & Distribution Website. Our homeless newsletter, this street sheet, supports your unemployed and under-employed writers by providing paid publication for their writings and day labor with cash paid daily for your ‘unemployable' Client Vendors, all the while acting as a conduit between your "haves" and your "have-nots". Truly a social service, local panhandlers have an opportunity to become advocates for themselves as well as for the social services you make available in your community. Any employment, whether as a writer of articles, essays, poetry, or humor, fosters pride and empowerment for the poor by giving your panhandling poor something to exchange for the charity shown them by passersby. We invite you and your homeless to submit your writings. We invite you to subscribe to our publication. We invite you to Sponsor Day Labor Distribution of The Spare Changer Homeless Newsletter Journal. We invite you to employ yourself and to employ your un-employable.

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Updated: 01-24-2015
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